Welcome to the MCTS: Visiting Professor Sarah Rachael Davies

Visiting Professor Sarah Rachael Davies will be staying with us from November to December 2018. Her most recent publications include the books Science Communication: Culture, Identity and Citizenship (2016, with Maja Horst) and Hackerspaces (2017). Her background is in the theory and practice of science communication, public engagement and deliberation on science, and the governance of new and emerging technologies.
Davies’ PhD (2007) was carried out in Imperial College London’s Science Communication Group; since then, she worked at Durham University, UK (in its Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience) and at Arizona State University’s Center for Nanotechnology in Society.
She has published in journals such as Science Communication, Science as Culture, and Public Understanding of Science, and has co-edited three volumes (Science and Its Publics, 2008, Understanding Public Debate On Nanotechnologies: Options For Framing Public Policies, 2010, and Understanding Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies, 2010).

At the MCTS, Sarah Davies will be teaching in the MA Programs and fostering research collaborations.

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