Teambuilding Weekend for New MCTS Students

As every year, the MCTS organized a teambuilding weekend for the new MCTS and RESET Master’s students. This year, the event was held in Kochel am See from November 9th-11th and included a range of teambuilding activities as well as excursions to the Franz Marc Museum and the Open-Air Museum Glentleiten. The diverse group of 32 students from 13 countries and 22 different undergraduate disciplines came together in various discussion rounds on issues like “Is technology a kind of art?“ or “How do social aspects influence technological development?”, giving them the opportunity to develop a common understanding of terms and definitions, foster interdisciplinary and intercultural communication and establish strong ties. A fun teambuilding competition resulted in six very creative and entertaining performances titled “human-machine interaction in Kochel” and a strong team spirit was noticeable throughout the weekend.


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