Keeping [Time]

Once upon a time, time itself was different. It’s perception was something else. For some, time was represented by the yearly cycle of the sun and the moon, for others it is world-wide synchronisation measured in @beats. Follow us to an adventure of past times and foreign places…
We started our podcast with the following questions:

  • What time is it and how do you know?
  • What do you use to keep time?
  • Who or which authority introduced this way of keeping time?
  • With whom do they share their time-keeping system with?
  • How do they experience time?

But, while working on the podcast
…we covered a wide range of time measuring practices, its cultures and underlying understandings.
…we were confronted with the difficulty of making accurate historical accounts.
…our own journey of making the podcast became part of the story.
…we realized that we are neither actors nor screenwriters.

Special advice to our listeners: Pay special attention at the end of the podcast, as the questions from the beginning differ from the ones towards the end!