STS Department at STS Italia, Bologna: Mobility Experimentation and More-than-human Biosecurity and Healthcare

Amy Clare and Theresa Willem from the Science and Technology Policy (STP) group, and Alexander Wentland and Manuel Jung the Transforming Mobility and Society (TraMS) Lab joined the STS Italia conference in Bologna in the last week of June. The conference theme „Interesting Worlds to Come“ addressed the more-than-human challenges STS and society at large are facing.

Theresa Willem presented on the question of how machine learning increases the responsibility vacuum in healthcare technology development in a panel on more-than-human medicine. Amy Clare’s contribution revolved around multiple enactments of biosecurity in livestock biotechnology research to a panel on more-than-human biosecurity.

Alexander Wentland and Manuel Jung discussed the chronopolitics of co-creating shared mobility spaces in Munich and Barcelona, as part of a panel on participation in science, technology, and innovation. Further, Johanna Hopp and Manuel Jung wrote and recorded an immersive audio performance “radio ballet” that actively involved the participants in a panel on experiments and games.

The well-organized conference provided a charming location for fruitful exchange and further connections among STS colleagues.

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