Sebastian Pfotenhauer on: Innovation and the Future of the European Way of Life

Prof. Sebastian Pfotenhauer, head of the Innovation, Society, and Public Policy Group at MCTS and the TUM School of Management, gave a keynote on “Innovation and the Future of the European Way of Life” at the European Parliament in Brussels on December 5, 2017.


Picture: MCTS


During the event “European Way of Life in the Future”, members of the European Parliament, heads of national delegations and other policy makers discussed with Prof. Pfotenhauer and other experts the challenges and opportunities for European Way of Life arising from ongoing major technological transformations, including digitisation, automation, and autonomous vehicles.
They also discussed the relationship between innovation and the changing political and economic landscape of Europe. In his presentation, Prof. Pfotenhauer stressed how our innovation policies and practices need to change if they ought to safeguard a “European Way of Life,” and how they might be shaped to express European values and regional identities.
The event was hosted by the European People’s Party (EPP) group of the Parliament under EPP chair Manfred Weber, MEP (Germany) and EPP vice chair Paulo Rangel, MEP (Portugal) in collaboration with the European Ideas Network (EIN) and the Martens Center for European Studies.

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