Sabine Maasen bound for Hamburg: New Challenge at UHH

With considerable pride, yet also great sadness, we would like to announce Prof. Sabine Maasen’s ‘lighthouse-appointment’ to a professorship of Science Studies and Innovation Research at Hamburg University (UHH) – The MCTS community congratulates Sabine Maasen to her appointment at this next excellent destination. She is bound to start on Nov 1st, and help establish UHH’s ‘Third Mission’ strategy in her second function as Director of the ‘Transfer Agency’, newly founded within the ExStra framework. In the past seven years, Sabine Maasen has not only built the Friedrich Schiedel Endowed Chair of Sociology of Science, but has developed MCTS into an outstanding institution at TUM and in Germany, establishing countless innovative formats of research, teaching and outreach.

We will miss her passionate and energetic leadership, which is why colleagues, staff and students thank her for a groundbreaking and inspiring time!

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