RESET Students Work on Meaningful Projects

Throughout the summer term, students from the RESET M.A. program took part in the “Meaningful Project Management” skills course. In this course, students learn the fundamentals of project management and then go on to apply this knowledge by implementing projects in small groups. Here is a brief overview of this year’s projects:

Wellbeing Lunchbreaks
Acknowledging that stress during the exam period is a serious problem for many students, this group decided to organize “Wellbeing Lunchbreaks.” During these breaks, students gathered in a park and practiced mindfulness meditation in order to explore new ways to cope with stress. The group would like to continue this activity for TUM students in upcoming semesters.

 Gallery of Diversity
This project intended to shed light on different aspects of diversity through a photo gallery at TUM’s main campus. The group wanted to empower individuals from TUM’s community to express and materialize their understanding of diversity by photographs representing a wide range of different interpretations of diversity (as defined by the individual contributors).

CLOTHstainable – Sustainable Clothing
The overall objective of CLOTHstainable was to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by inducing a shift from the detrimental fast fashion to sustainable clothing production and consumption. The approach was to bring together students and sustainable-clothing experts during a field trip to several sustainable-clothing businesses in Munich. Based on the insights of this field trip, and in order to reach more students, the group created a leaflet about sustainable clothing.

Technology Matters
This project aimed at raising awareness that there are values embedded in certain technologies and that technologies are therefore deeply political. The group’s approach was to write a blog (, in which they portrayed three cases to illustrate how values are embedded in technologies. They increased the traffic on their blog through social media campaigns and by distributing posters and stickers at TUM and the MCTS.

Radical Film Festival
In order to raise awareness for environmental topics and climate change, this group organized a “Radical Film Fest” at TUM’s Vorhoelzer Forum, during which the group showed the two documentary films “A Thirsty World” and “Anote’s Ark.” The event was a great success with many participants.

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