Prof. Sheila Jasanoff on „Governing Disruptive Technologies“

Professor Sheila Jasanoff, director of the Harvard Program on Science, Technology, and Society at Harvard Kennedy School and pioneer in the field of MCTS, visited MCTS and shared her work with researchers and students. In an inspiring keynote on “Human Futures and Future Humans: Governing Disruptive Technologies” at the TUM Vorhölzer Forum, Prof. Jasanoff drew about one hundred interdisciplinary guests and engaged with them in a discussion about the governance of emerging technologies and the importance of the field of MCTS at technology hubs such as TUM.

Prof. Jasanoff was hosted by the Innovation, Society, and Public Policy research group by Prof. Pfotenhauer (MCTS & School of Management) and the MCTS Forum as part of the Munich Colloquium on Technology and Society.

The MCTS is looking forward to another visit of Prof. Jasanoff for the Annual Meeting of the Science and Democracy Network in June 2018.

• Prof Jasanoff at Harvard:
• ISPP Group
• Science and Democracy Network

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