Tess Doezema PhD



Tess Doezema is a postdoctoral researcher in the Innovation, Society & Public Policy group and a 2020 TUM University Foundation Fellow. Her research focuses on visions of technological potential and corollary practices of environmental governance. Her dissertation, which she completed at Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society, focused on modes of bioeconomy-making in the U.S., Brazil, and at an aspirationally global scale; with a focus on the political formations that are coproduced with technoscientific trajectories. Tess was a 2018-2019 visiting fellow in the MCTS program at the Harvard Kennedy School, and a 2015-2016 Research Innovation Fellow in Brazil with the USAID Global Development Lab. She holds a master’s degree in International and Intercultural Communication from the University of Denver, and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan.

  • Doezema, T. (2019). Globalizing technologies: geopolitical innovation in the U.S. bioeconomy. In Grunwald, A., Lösch, A., Meister, M. & Schulz-Schaeffer, I., Socio-technical Futures Shaping the Present. Springer, 91-110.
  • Doezema, T., Ludwig, D., Macnaghten, P., Shelley-Egan, C., & Forsberg, E.-M. (2019). Translation, transduction, and transformation: Expanding practices of responsibility across borders. Journal of Responsible Innovation, 1–9.
  • Doezema, T. & Hurlbut, J. B. (2017). Technologies of Governance: Science, State and Citizen in Visions of the Bioeconomy. In Goven, J. & Pavone, V., Bioeconomies: Life, Technology and Capital in the 21st Century. Palgrave, 49-71.
  • Society for the Social Studies of Science
  • Science and Democracy Network
  • TUM University Foundation Fellowship
  • Charter Award in Excellence from Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society
  • Graduate Excellence Award from Arizona State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • USAID Research Innovation Fellowship
  • Science Foundation Arizona Graduate Research Fellowship