Prof. Dr. Stefania Centrone

Professorin für Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie

Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie

Prof. Dr. Stefania Centrone is Professor of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science at TUM since April 1, 2023. Her research interests are broad and encompass formal logic, history and philosophy of logic, philosophy of science and technology, and philosophy of mind (theories of intentionality in particular). Her research style and methodology have a peculiar interdisciplinary character, and her contributions have earned notable international recognition, not only in the philosophical community. At TUM, she aims to integrate philosophy with the areas of social sciences, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence.

She studied Philosophy and Logic at the University of Florence before obtaining her PhD in Philosophy from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa with a dissertation on Husserl’s Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics. She obtained in 2012 the German Habilitation in Philosophy from the University of Hamburg, and in 2018 the Italian Habilitation for a full professorship in Logic, Philosophy of Science and History of Science.

After holding a 3-year postdoc position at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa she obtained in 2008 a 2-year Humboldt research fellowship for postdoctoral research and moved to the University of Hamburg. In 2013 she was awarded a 3-year DFG Eigene Stelle grant, and in 2017/2021 a 3+2-year DFG Heisenberg Stelle position. Since 2009 she has been working and teaching in Germany at the Universities of Hamburg, Oldenburg, Göttingen, TU-Berlin, Hagen and now TU-Munich. In 2017-18 she was also a part-time Senior researcher at the Department of Philosophy, History and Art Studies of the University of Helsinki.

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