Melpomeni Antonakaki

Ehem. Doktorandin


  • Technoscience, Industry and Society intra/actions. (focus on Regenerative Biomedicine and Stem-cell related automation platforms)
  • Feminist MCTS and etho/epistemologies of digitisation. Contested ontologies and affective ecologies in and out the laboratory.
  • The Multispecies biological and social condition.
  • (peer reviewed chapter) Antonakaki Melina, 2017. Making the case for misconduct: the tropes and ethos of audit and reproducibility practices in the Obokata/STAP case. In The Matrix of Stem Cell Research Revisited, ed. Hauskeller C., Manzeschke A., Pichl A. Publ. Series. Genetics and Society – Routledge
  • (forthcoming) Antonakaki Melina, Kasparek Bernd, Speer Marc, 2017. Peculiar Infrastructure of Processing: a comparative study of three transit centres across the Balkan route. In Transit Migration II, ed. Hess S., Kasparek B., Tsianos V. – Transcript.
  • Antonakaki Melina, Kasparek Bernd, Maniatis Georgios, Oct. 2016. Counting, channelling and detaining: The hotspot centre Vial in Chios, Greece. Online Forum of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. (last accessed on 02.06.2017)


  • Kyoto, Sep. 2018. Antonakaki, M. ‘Experiments in Compliance and Complicity: machinic assemblages of ac/countable practice and the politics of reproducing the STAP hypothesis’, invited lecture at The Ethnographies of Technoscience Group (ETG), University of Kyoto
  • Lancaster, July 2018. Antonakaki M. and Kasparek B. (peer reviewed conference paper) ‘Folded infrastructure two years on. What is at stake when unregulated spaces generate Best Practices?’ in panel E02, The European Other as site of institutional experiment, convened by Pelizza A. and Antonakaki M. Meetings, biannual conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology
  • Munich, July 2018. Antonakaki M. ‘Experiments in Compliance and Complicity’. Doctoral Colloquium, Munich Center for Technology in Society, TUM.
  • Budapest, May 2018. Antonakaki, M. ‘Experiments in Compliance and Complicity’. In/equalities Conference, GRACE. Center for Gender Studies, CEU.
  • Berlin, Apr. 2018. (peer reviewed workshop paper) Collaboration matters: working with/along interruption devices. Presented at workshop Participant Observation and Collaboration in MCTS Ethnography: Generating Methodographic Sensibilities for Science & Technology Studies. European ethnology department, Humboldt University
  • Enschede, March 2018. Antonakaki, M. and Kasparek B. ‘The Registration imperative: controlling migration, controlling Europe’. Guest workshop with the ERC ‘Processing Citizenship’ group at University of Twente
  • Enschede, Feb. 2018. Antonakaki, M. ‘Collaboration matters: Working along/with interruption devices’. Presentation of paper at STePS Colloquium. University of Twente


  • Athens, Sep. 2017. Antonakaki, M. and Kasparek, B. (peer reviewed conference paper) ‘Europeanisation on whose terms? What remains of the Hotspot approach after the Summer of Migration’? 8th Tensions of Europe, biannual conference, National Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Manchester, Aug. 2017. Antonakaki, M. ‘The workings of Vulnerability at the Fringes of Europe. An ethnographic study of the labours of migrant bodies, data ‚droppings‘ and health-care services at the hotspot VIAL on Chios island- Greece’. Stream 2. Organizational Ethnographies of Health and Care. 12th Annual International Symposium of Organizational Ethnography, Manchester Business School
  • Belgrade, Aug. 2017. Antonakaki, M. ‘Trauma as Method. Doing justice for things that do not matter’. IPAK Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics, organized by Research Center for Cultures, Politics and Identities and the Department for Critical Political Studies (Faculty for Media and Communications, Singidunum Univeristy, Belgrade)
  • Lisbon, July 2017. Igelsböck, J. and Antonakaki, M. (Peer-reviewed abstract for workshop) ‘Re-enacting First Encounters. A Semi-Fictional Interactive Play’. At #Colleex workshop | Collaboratory for Ethnographic Experimentation Network meeting, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Berlin, May 2017. Antonakaki, M. ‘Interconnected imaginaries and borderscapes: an organizational ethnography of the hotspot centre VIAL on Chios/Greece’. Invited lecture, the inequalities working group (initiative of the Rhizome together with members of diverse Cluster projects at Image Knowledge Gestaltung, Cluster of Excellence) Humboldt Universität