Prof. Maja Horst

Visiting Professor

Wissenschafts- und Technologiepolitik

Maja Horst received her MA in social science and communication from Roskilde University, Denmark, in 1996. She then worked as a research assistant and doctoral student before gaining a PhD from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 2003. Her doctoral thesis focused on public controversies about biotechnology. She was employed as an assistant and associate professor at CBS until 2011, when she became Head of the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. She was appointed as a full professor of Science Communication in 2014. In 2019 she moved to DTU – Technical University of Denmark, where she became professor of responsible technology. She chairs a group in this area within DTU Management. Maja Horst is a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences and has been awarded the Danish Science Minister’s communication prize for her work with dialogical science communication installations. She has been appointed to a number of public positions and currently chairs the Board of the Danish Independent Research Fund. She has also been elected as president of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology. In 2021 she was awarded the Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship at TUM-IAS.

Maja Horst conducts research into the relationship between science, technology and society – and particularly public communication about new and controversial technologies. She is engaged in research and teaching within the following areas:

  • Public communication about technology
  • Values and social responsibility in technology development
  • Innovation and science communication
  • The social responsibility of universities
  • Sociology of innovation
  • Science and Technology Studies

Selected Journal Publications:

  • Maja Horst (2021): Science Communication as a Boundary Space: An interactive installation about the social responsibility of science. Science, Technology and Human Values
  • Lene Gjørtler Elkjær, Maja Horst & Sophie Nyborg (2021): Identities, innovation and governance: a systematic review of co-creation in wind energy transitions. Energy Research and Social Science 71(2021)101835).
  • Qiaoyan Zhu & Maja Horst (2019): Science communication activism: Protesting Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Public Understanding of Science. 28(7)812-827
  • Sarah Rachael Davies, Megan Halpern, Maja Horst, David Kirby & Bruce Lewenstein (2019): Science stories as culture: experience, identity, narrative and emotion in public communication of science. Journal of Science Communication 18(5),
  • Ana Nordberg, Timo Minssen, Sune H Holm, Maja Horst, Kell Mortensen & Birger Lindberg Møller (2018): Cutting edges and weaving threads in the gene editing (r)evolution: Reconciling scientific progress with legal, ethical and social concerns. Journal of Law and the Biosciences 5(1)35-83 lsx043,
  • Cecilie Glerup, Sarah R Davies & Maja Horst (2017): ‚Nothing really responsible goes on here‘: Scientists‘ experience and practice of responsibility. Journal of Responsible Innovation 4(3)319-336
  • Alan Irwin & Maja Horst (2016): Communicating trust and trusting science communication – some critical remarks. Journal of Science Communication 15(6)L01:1-5
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