M.Sc. Katja Rießenberger


Wissenschafts- und Technologiepolitik

Doctoral student at the Dept. of Science Technology and Society (STS) at Technical University of Munich (TUM). Former research associate at the Institute for Aging Research (IAF) at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST), now working at the Bavarian Research Centre for Digital Care (BZPD) at University of Applied Sciences Kempten, Germany.

Studied Social Work (B.A.) at the KSH Munich, Dept. Benediktbeuern and at Seinajöki University of Applied Sciences in Finland. M.Sc. in Social Work with specialization in Gerontology at the University of Louisville, USA as a Fulbright-scholar.
Since 2019, involved in research projects using participatory design and research methods as well as co-creation methods to develop Gerontechnologies.

Research interests include inter alia ethical, technical, and social challenges of age(ing) in the field of Gerontechnology, intersectionality with a focus on age and gender aspects, and topics of public health.

  • Gerontechnologie
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Gewalt an älteren Erwachsenen
  • Gerontologie
  • Ko-Kreation und partizipatives Design
  • Public Health
  • Rießenberger, K. A., Hüsler S., Bruggmann A., Eicher S., Stulens L., Misoch S. (2022). WisdomOfAge: Developing a Seniors Digital Platform for Knowledge Transfer through Participatory Design. Position Paper accepted at the ICT4AWE conference. [Best Position Paper Award]
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  • Rießenberger, K. A. (2021). Participatory Design and the Divide between Developers and Older Adults. In: Wienrich, C., Wintersberger, P. & Weyers, B. (Hrsg.), Mensch und Computer 2021 – Workshopband. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. DOI: 10.18420/muc2021-mci-ws06-249
  • 07/2022          Presentation “De-scripting of Age in Co-designing Techno-Futures with Older Adults” at the EASST 2022 – Politics of technoscientific futures Conference
  • 07/2022          Presentation “Inclusion of Older End-users in the Development Process to Counter the Grey Digital Divide” at the European Sociological Association Mid-term Conference on “AGEING IN EUROPE: Towards more Inclusive Societies, Research and Policy“ [Presented by the Belgium Colleague Leen Stulens]
  • 04/2022          Poster-Presentation: “WisdomOfAge: Developing a Seniors Digital Platform for Knowledge Transfer through Participatory Design.” at the ICT4AWE conference.
  • 05/2021          Presentation “Lessons Learned: Development and Living Lab Testing of a Smart Upper Arm Sensor for Older Adults” at the Smart-Home Technologies and the Elder Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland
  • 09/2021          Poster-Presentation “Participatory Design and the Divide between Developers and Older Adults” at the HCI Conference Germany in Ingolstadt, Germany
  • 12/2019          Presentation “Elder Abuse – An International Comparison”, at the Abuse has many faces: What can we do? Conference in St. Gallen, Switzerland“Elder Abuse – An International Comparison”, at the Abuse has many faces: What can we do? Conference in St. Gallen, Switzerland.