M.A. Johan Buchholz

Ehem. Doktorand

Reorganizing Industries

In May 2017 Johan Buchholz joined MCTS as a doctoral student and research associate. From 2013 to 2016 he was a research assistant and research associate at the chair of software technology at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and involved in the project „Smart City Logistik“. During this period he also worked at the „Ambient Mobility Lab“, a cooperation between Fraunhofer IAO and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a research assistant (2015). Before Johan worked at Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research and was tutor for different courses, including methods of social research, organizations, and markets. Johan studied sociology and economics at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.

  • Dynamics of digital change projects in organizations
  • Sociology of work and organizational sociology
  • Global learning, North-South-Relations and engineering development cooperation
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  • Buchholz, Johan: The Reorganisation of Processing in the Context of Automatisation and Artificial Intelligence. Presentation at the International Labour Process Conference. 2018.
  • Buchholz, Johan: Digitalisierte Arbeit in der Optikindustrie. Presentation at the conference „Arbeit 4.0 – Chancen und Risiken“ of Hans Böckler Foundation. 2016.
  • International Sociological Association