Dr. Joakim Juhl



Joakim Juhl is a senior lecturer in the RESET master’s program and a senior researcher at the Innovation, Society & Public Policy group. He is a coordinating member of the NSF funded ‘Traveling Imaginaries of Innovation’ Harvard project. His work focuses on Innovation governance and the repurposing of science, connections to regional political imaginaries, modes of knowledge production and collaborations between Science and Industry. Joakim has previously worked Harvard STS and Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Aalborg University and the Technical University of Denmark. He received his PhD in STS from Aalborg University on the topic of simulation modeling, where Joakim conducted a multi-sited ethnographic study of modeling practices in a danish university-industry energy-efficiency project. Joakim holds a Master’s of Science degree in Innovation management and a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Design & Innovation at the Technical University of Denmark.