Prof. Jenny Reardon

Ehem. MCTS Visiting Professor

Wissenschafts- und Technologiepolitik

Jenny Reardon is a Professor of Sociology and the Founding Director of the Science and Justice Research Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Her research draws into focus questions about identity, justice and democracy that are often silently embedded in scientific ideas and practices, particularly in modern genomic research. Her training spans molecular biology, the history of biology, science studies, feminist and critical race studies, and the sociology of science, technology and medicine. She is the author of Race to the Finish: Identity and Governance in an Age of Genomics (Princeton University Press, 2005) and The Postgenomic Condition: Ethics, Justice, Knowledge After the Genome (Chicago University Press, Fall 2017).  She has been the recipient of fellowships and awards from, among others, the National Science Foundation, the Max Planck Institute, the Humboldt Foundation, the London School of Economics, the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, and the United States Congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Recently, she started a project to bike over one thousand miles through her home state of Kansas to learn from farmers, ranchers and other denizens of the high plains about how best to know and care for the prairie.

Science and Technology; Race, Gender, Sexuality and Difference; History of Science and Technology; New Media; Cultural and Social Theory; Big Data; Genomics


2017. The Post Genomic Condition: Ethics, Justice, Knowledge After the Genome. University of Chicago Press. (reviews)

2005. Race to the Finish: Identity and Governance in an Age of Genomics. Princeton University. (reviews)


Journal Articles:

2019. “Ends Everlasting.” British Journal of the History of Science. 4: 83-91.

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2016. “The Genomic Open.” Limn Issue 6.

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2013. “On the Emergence of Science and Justice.” Science, Technology and Human Values.

2012. “‘Your DNA is Our History’: Genomics, Anthropology, and the Construction of Whiteness as Property.” Current Anthropology. Co-authored with K. TallBear.

2011. “The ‘Persons’ and ‘Genomics’ of Personal Genomics.” Personalized Medicine.

2001. “The Human Genome Diversity Project: A Case Study in Coproduction.” Social Studies of Science 31(3): 357-388.

Contributions to Books:

2021. “Bloody Kansas: Forging Knowledge and Justice at the Horizon’s Edge” in American Geography. Radius Books.

2011. “Human Population Genomics and the Dilemma of Difference,” in Reframing Rights: The Constitutional Implications of Technological Change. MIT Press.

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2006. “Creating Participatory Subjects: Race, Science and Democracy in a Genomic Age,” in The New Political Sociology of Science: Institutions, Networks, and Power. University of Wisconsin Press.


Popular Media

2020. Sociologist Jenny ReardonIndiana Public Media: Profiles.

2018. “Genomics Justice League.” Genome.

2018. “Genforschung und Rassismus: Auseinandersetzung statt autokratischer Wissenschaft (Genetic Research and Racism: Discussion not Autocratic Science).” Radio Dreyeckland.

In a radio interview in Freiburg, Jenny Reardon discusses the Reich op-ed, subsequent responses are archived in a blogpost, “Developing: Debate on ‘Race” and Genomics.”

2013.  “Should Patients Understand They Are Research Subjects?”  San Francisco Chronicle (published on March 3 on front cover of Insight, the SF Chronicle Sunday magazine).

2002 – Ph.D., Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University
1993 – B.S., Biology, B.A. Political Science, University of Kansas