Dr. Eva Sandmann

Postdoc / TUM Gender Equality Officer

Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie

Dr. Eva Sandmann (born 1968) studied biology at the Technical University of Munich (1989-1995). She earned her doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) within the Department of Ecology, TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan on microhabitat field–studies for ecotoxicological aquatic testing in 2000.

For several years she worked within the Alumni & Career Service and the TUM Fundraising Unit (2001-2006). Her additional studies in philosophy at the Munich School of Philosophy (2001-2006) made a position at the TUM Institute for Teachers Education and Training in 2006 possible.

In the following years (2006-2010) she supported the management and the political development of the institute towards the TUM School of Education. Within teaching she focused on the interface between biology and philosophy in life science education. The teaching concepts, courses and exams were developed for vocational and secondary school education students in close cooperation with the TUM School Network.

In 2008 Dr. Eva Sandmann was elected as the TUM Gender Equality Officer (Frauenbeauftragte). The Gender Equality Officer leads the information management for the internal network of Gender Equality Officers at the departments as well as the Equal Opportunity Officers and all related diversity management positions at the departments of TUM (Equality Conference). For almost a decade her work has been contributing to the Extended TUM Board of Management, the TUM Senate and the TUM Board of Trustees. Together with the TUM Gender & Diversity Board members and the TUM Board of Management she helped to develop and implement the TUM Gender & Diversity Strategy. As the Gender Equality Officer she plays an active part in the national Gender Equality networks (LaKoF, BuKoF, TU9-German Institutes of Technology) and in several international initiatives (EuroTech Universities, CESAER).

Dr. Eva Sandmann was reelected in 2016 as the TUM Gender Equality Officer (the term of the office ends in 2018). In order to support the Gender & Diversity Strategy at TUM on a structural level Dr. Eva Sandmann established the Equal Opportunity Office of TUM in 2016. She heads the unit underlined by the four divisions TUM.Family, TUM.Diversity, the Gender Equality Office and the Ombud Office.

Since 2012 she is an academic staff member within the TUM Chair for Philosophy and Philosophy of Science in the Munich Center for Technology in Society. She is responsible for teaching bioethics (courses in environmental and animal ethics) within different study programs throughout the university. She is part of the Nexus of Water, Food and Energy Study Line in Environmental Engineering and in charge of the development of the required Ethics in Science & Technology modules.