Dr. Alexander Wentland

Head of Research Group


Alexander Wentland is the head of the „Transforming Mobility and Society“ (TraMS) Lab, which is closely affiliated with the Munich Cluster for the Future of Mobility in Metropolitain Regions (MCube). He is also project co-leader in the DFG-funded project Understanding Regional Innovation Cultures. His work focuses on the politics of innovation, sustainability transformations (esp. mobility), and regional industrial legacies. In his doctoral thesis at TU Berlin, he examined the relationship between political discourse, local assemblages, and cultural imagination related to the electrification of transportation. He holds a Magister degree in Political Science from TU Dresden and a Master’s degree in Sociology from the New School for Social Research.

  • Regional diversity in innovation
  • Epistemic governance of economic transformations
  • Mobility, transportation, infrastructures
  • Sociotechnical imaginaries and futures
  • Political sociology