Obazda meets green sauce: Strong representation of TraMS and MCube at the “Sustainable Mobility in Future Cities” conference in Frankfurt

On June 15-16, the conference „Sustainable Mobility in Future Cities: Transformation of Society, Space & Governance“ took place in Frankfurt am Main. At the 18th annual conference of the working group „Mobility and Transport“ (AK MoVe) in cooperation with the Pegasus Network for Mobility and Transport Research, mobility was discussed from the perspectives of governance, society, experimentation and space. This meeting was an opportunity not only for the members of the TraMS Lab, but also for our colleagues from the Chair of Urban Design and the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning to present first results from our different MCube projects.

From the Transforming Mobility and Society (TraMS) Lab, Michael Mögele introduced the ISPP research topic of innovation cultures with a presentation on „Mobility cultures meet innovation cultures: experimental renewal of urban mobility in Munich“. Franziska Meinherz presented her research on mobility transitions in times of crisis with the title „Corona as an opportunity or risk for urban mobility transitions? An empirical investigation of urban coping strategies“. Manuel Jung presented a poster on his dissertation project „Scalability of technology-centered experiments of future mobility.“ Together with the conference contribution by Stefanie Ruf (Chair of Urban Design), these presentations gave insights into the different working packages of the MCube project “TrEx: Transformative Mobility Experiments”. The MCube project “Aqt: car reduced neighbourhoods” was represented through the presentations by Mareike Schmidt (Chair of Urban Design) and Simone Aumann (Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning).

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