Next steps for global collaboration to minimize racial and ethnic bias in neuroscience

In their recent comment “Next steps for global collaboration to minimize racial and ethnic bias in neuroscience”, Ruth Müller, Anja Ruess, Franziska Schönweitz, Alena Buyx, Cristina Gil Ávila and Markus Ploner discuss the challenges of minimizing racial bias in neuroscience. The authors highlight two challenges in particular: First, when aiming for representative research, the meaning of representativeness often remains unclear. Second, when assessing demographic variables, many national contexts lack standardized sensitive terminologies for reporting demographic variables in relation to race and ethnicity. Based on these challenges, Müller et al. call for a global interdisciplinary conversation about these challenges and how they may be overcome. “While this might seem like an enormous undertaking, [the authors] believe it is essential for improving racial and ethnic equity in biomedical research in the neurosciences and beyond. ”This comment is based on research conducted as part of the multidisciplinary TUM Innovation Network for Neurotechnology in Mental Health (NEUROTECH). The full publication is available here.

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