In February 2021, Dr. Eduardo Magrani published a new collection composed of four books, through the Brazilian publisher Cândido Press. The books contain Dr. Magrani’s main analysis throughout 10 years of research focused on the Digital Rights field, investigating how digital life directly impacts society. The first three books of the collection are the works „Connected Democracy“ (Democracia Conectada), „The Internet of Things“ (A Internet das Coisas) and „Among Data and Robots“ (Entre Dados e Robôs), in which the author examines law, politics, ethics and the possibilities that technological advance offers to all, investigating how new technologies can help to reduce democratic deficits, increasing the legitimacy of public power with citizens, the main economic and social impacts of hyperconnectivity, and questioning what is the appropriate governance for the world of data in which we live in. He also investigates the influence of algorithms in our lives and what ethical guidelines we should adopt to guide the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. The fourth book of the collection, „Network Life“ (Vida em Rede), contains selected articles on Law and Technology. The Digital Culture Collection publishes the books with a new graphic design, as a collector’s item, considering the importance of these discussions for the understanding of our hyperconnected era.





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