Moving on – Student initiative is keen to establish an alumni network at the MCTS

Two weeks ago, we left the demanding year of 2020 behind us and greeted the new year. One student initiative is especially excited about 2021 because they have an ambitious plan: they want to establish a network for MCTS students and alumni.

They are nine master students, PhDs and alumni who believe that the people of the MCTS need a space to connect beyond university. That is why they are keen to establish an alumni network as a legal association (German: eingetragener Verein) by March 2021. Activities that they aim to tackle include:

  • a yearly ‘homecoming’ for alumni
  • inspiring talks between alumni and students
  • a guide to help explaining MCTS and its relevance to future employers

In fact, they have already realized our first event: a Christmas Party for the entire MCTS community. Over 60 participants joined on Friday evening of the 18th December. All groups of the MCTS were represented, ranging from first and final year students, to staff and alumni. Instead of a usual Zoom call, they used the platform that allowed for more spontaneous conversations. This switch of technology (or shall we call it non-human agent?) paid off. Many commented that they were finally able to have the open and surprising conversations again that are characteristic for the MCTS. The student initiative is very happy that so many celebrated online until late into the evening.

After this success, they are ready to move on – motivated to bring the alumni network to life. You want to support them? Amazing! Write them an email to or visit their website

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