MCTS Visiting Professor Kean Birch

Welcome to the MCTS‘ Visiting Professor Kean Birch, who is staying with us from May 22nd-23rd.

Birch is currently a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Business and Politics at the Copenhagen Business School. He is also Senior Associate at the Innovation Policy Lab of the University of Toronto (Canada) and an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at York University (Canada). His research interests include the political economy of science, innovation, and the environment. He is the author of „We Have Never Been Neoliberal“ (2015, Zero Books), „Innovation, Regional Development, and the Life Sciences“ (2016, Routledge), „Business and Society: A Critical Introduction“ (2017, Zed Books – with others), and „A Research Agenda for Neoliberalism“ (forthcoming 2017, Edward Elgar). He is also co-editor of „The Handbook of Neoliberalism“ (2016, Routledge – with Simon Springer and Julie MacLeavy).

We are delighted to announce a talk by Kean Birch: “Technoscience Rent: Towards a Theory of Rentiership” (seminar room 270, 6 pm).

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