MCTS Visiting Professor: Jenny E. Reardon

Welcome to the MCTS‘ first Visiting Professor Jenny E. Reardon, who will stay with us till the end of June.

Jenny Reardon is professor of sociology and director of the Science & Justice Research Center at the University of California Santa Cruz. Her work investigates the interactions between social justice and scientific research, with a particular focus on the genetic sciences. Her publications include the influential “Race to the Finish. Identity and Governance in the Age of Genomics.” (2005), and her forthcoming book “The Postgenomic Condition: Ethics, Justice and Knowledge after the Genome.“ (2017). She was recently awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel-Forschungspreis of the German Humboldt Foundation. Prof. Reardon’s visit is hosted by professorship for Science & Technology Policy.

We are delighted to announce two events with Jenny Reardon:

  • Munich Colloquium on Technology in Society „The Postgenomic Condition: Ethics, Justice and Knowledge after the Genome“. May 23, 6.30pm, Vorhoelzer Forum
  • Doctoral Workshop „Science and Justice after Truth“ (May 24, more info here)

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