MCTS Visiting Fellow Nona Schulte-Römer

In the week of October 23, the Innovation, Society & Public Policy (ISPP) group is hosting Nona Schulte-Römer. Nona is a postdoc at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig, where her new research focus is on the politics of Sustainable Chemistry. Previously, she worked in the research group “Cultural Sources of Newness” at the Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB). In her doctoral thesis “Innovation in public. The introduction of LED lighting in Berlin and Lyon” (sociology, TU Berlin), she analyzed a disruptive innovation process in the making from the users’ perspective and through the lens of MCTS. Before she engaged in sociology, Nona studied theatre science, cultural and political science at the HU Berlin.

We are delighted to announce a talk by Nona Schulte-Römer: “Innovation observed – thinking beyond the roles of innovators, users and publics” (seminarroom 370), Wed., 25.10., 12.30–14.00.

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