MCTS Master’s Students Attend re:publica Conference

From May 6th to 8th students from the MCTS’ master’s programs Science and Technology Studies (MCTS) and Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (RESET) participated in the re:publica, a conference that deals with issues revolving around Web 2.0, especially blogs, social media, and information society. The event comprises talks and workshops on various topics ranging from science, politics, media, business, technology, and culture, among others.

Around 20 MCTS students joined the conference and actively participated in workshops, talks, and panel discussions. They got to interact and communicate with various stakeholders from a range of different MCTS and RESET-related backgrounds and could thus mobilize the knowledge and concepts learned in class. The input they received has inspired them to integrate important current issues and debates into future projects.

Teilnemer eines Workshops an der re:publica

Foto: Stefanie Loos/re:publica

Talk: Identifikation of Bullshit and Value

Foto: Jan Zappner/re:publica

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