MCTS Extended Doctoral Workshop

“Practicing conceptual flexibility: Staging your research through the work of Stephen Hilgartner”

This MCTS Extended Workshop invited doctoral candidates to an exercise of intellectual curiosity and conceptual playfulness: It challenged participants to reframe – and present – their own research through the lens of MCTS Visiting Professor Stephen Hilgartner’s oeuvre.

A former Chair of the MCTS department at Cornell University, his research received broad attention in the field of Science and Technology Studies and investigates current sociotechnical phenomena and empirically grounded studies, e.g. in the field of biosciences. His work illustrates the emergence, changes and interrelations of the regimes of science, politics and technology.

The workshop exercise helped participants to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own research framing, provided new conceptual stimuli to their research, and to enter into a close-up exchange with Stephen Hilgartner.

Foto: MCTS

Foto: MCTS

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