MCTS contributed its expertise to IGSSE Forum 2016

„Smart cooperation. Science and Technology in, with and for Society“ – This heading paved the way to the first-time cooperation of two interdisciplinary institutions at TUM: the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) and MCTS. The center contributed its expertise on the practices of inter- and transdisciplinarity for IGSSE´s annual meeting, the IGSSE Forum 2016.

More than 20 MCTS researchers created a tailor-made program for IGSSE doctoral candidates. This innovative doctoral training introduced the some 100 participants to tools from the social sciences and humanities to improve the perception of science and technology in their wider societal contexts. Reviewing mechanisms, tools and interdependencies of technology-driven research with expectations and objections of civil society set the doctoral students‘ mindset towards new horizons across the traditional disciplinary borders. A manifold agenda comprised of lectures, workshops and a hands-on poster session gave doctoral candidates time and space: To learn about and experiment with various key concepts for understanding contemporary relations between science, technology and society.

By discussing core questions such as „In how far are science and technology political?“, „What does responsible research and innovation mean?“, and „Is collaboration of scientists and ‚lay‘ people really possible?“ and by trying out formats of collaboration participants gained initial experiences in considering and addressing issues of societal responsibility and engagement that arise in the context of their research projects. IGSSE and MCTS are looking back to three inspiring days in the unique atmosphere of Raitenhaslach monastery, now TUM´s Science and Study Center.

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Picture: MCTS

Picture: Andreas Heddergott

Picture: Andreas Heddergott

Picture: Andreas Heddergott

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