Health justice and community resilience after COVID-19

Michael Penkler and Ruth Müller of the MCTS advocate with colleagues for a new normal built on community resilience in the recovery from COVID-19. They highlight how „social structures like racism or socioeconomic deprivation … [shape] health throughout the life course and across generations,“ and argue how „greater resilience to health emergencies requires systemic rather than individual change“ through „social, reproductive, and health justice.“ The piece appears in the correspondence section of the 1 August 2020 issue of The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal.

For the piece, Michael and Ruth collaborated with incoming MCTS visiting professor Martha Kenney from San Francisco State University, and Mark Hanson from University Hospital Southampton. Together, they combine insights from social sciences, gender studies, life sciences, and public health, aptly so in a publication dedicated to high standards in medical research and the missions of improving lives and increasing the social impact of science. The work is published open access and is available here.

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