Guest Lecture by Dr. Ansgar Koene in ‚Law and Governance of Artificial Intelligence‘

On the 9th of July 2020 we welcomed Dr. Ansgar Koene as a guest lecturer in the course ‚Law and Governance of Artificial Intelligence‘, which is offered as part of the MCTS master’s programs ‚Science and Technology Studies‘ and ‚Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology‘.

Dr. Koene’s insights into the role of standards in the transition from AI Ethics to AI Governance were particularly interesting, as Dr. Koene has backgrounds in academia, industry, and policy. He spoke in more detail about his role in leading the IEEE working group P7003 on Algorithmic Bias Considerations and the risk-based governance approach they support. Dr. Koene highlighted the evolution of AI according to the Gartner Hype Cycle for AI (2019) and the relevance of AI Governance. He stipulated that the ‚Race to AI‘ will be accompanied by a ‚Race to AI Regulation‘. During the follwoing discussion, Dr. Koene responded to a student’s question on the positioning of academic research in this sphere and suggested that due to its independent nature, acadmia has opportunities to focus on long-term projects instead of short-term projects found in the insutry and, thus, can add a lot of value to the topic of AI research.

As Dr. Koene also has gained experience in multiple disciplines, from computational neuroscience to AI governance, and has undertaken many interdisciplinary projects throughout his career, his insights were very illuminating for the diverse student cohort. We thank Dr. Ansgar Koene for joining us as a guest lecturer during the course and for all the interesting insights and fruitful discussions!

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