First MCTS Podcasts Released!

Podcast-based Seminar „Telling Responsible Stories – Telling Stories Responsibly“

MCTS scholars such as Donna Haraway have drawn increasing attention to the importance of storytelling practices for developing sustainable and responsible solutions to many of the pressing challenges of contemporary societies. Haraway and others point out that many of the grand narratives of modernity, may they be political, economic or technological, have failed to deliver much promised solutions and salvations for humankind, and have in the process created ecological crises for many communities and species across the globe. The seminar “Telling Responsible Stories – Telling Stories Responsibly” invited students to think about how we could ‘story otherwise’ – and to engage and rethink practices of storytelling by engaging with the narrative genre of the podcast. Below you can find the first MCTS podcast series produced for the seminar.

The First MCTS Podcast Series: Topics and Content

What does it mean to drink a coffee “to go”? How did homeopathy in Germany become an alternative to pharmaceutical medication? How did our understanding of time change throughout history? What do birds and olives have in common? And how do scientists deal with questions they might never find an answer to? To find out more about these questions and the topics they relate to, the students of the seminar “Telling Responsible Stories – Telling Stories Responsibly” engaged with the narrative genre of the podcast, with the aim to develop narrative practices that put questions of responsibility, sustainability and socio-ecological justice at their heart. Below you can find the first MCTS “Telling Responsible Stories – Telling Stories Responsible” podcast series.


Keeping [Time]

Once upon a time, time itself was different. It’s perception was something else. For some, time was represented by the yearly cycle of the sun and the moon, for others it is world-wide synchronisation measured in @beats. Follow us to an adventure of past times and foreign places…
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Rock-solid Certainty?

In late 2017, astronomers discovered an unusual object passing through our Solar System. This was the first interstellar visitor we had ever spotted: ‚Oumuamua. Even today, we still don’t know exactly what ‚Oumuamua is – and we may never. So why do we study something we can never know the answer to? Join us for a journey into the uncertain.
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Either/Or? Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine in Germany

Much of the public debate around Homeopathy and conventional medicine frames the issue as two contradictory and clashing forms of knowledge that are pitted against each other. Curious about the current situation in Germany, where Homeopathy was established and where Homeopathy is practiced by 7,000 doctors and Homeopathic treatments sold in pharmacies, we spoke with people from different areas to see if it is indeed viewed and practiced today as an Either/Or question (Homeopathy vs. conventional treatment), and found out about ways they are actually combined.
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Silent Spring III

In May 2019, Nature published an article about singing birds dying in droves through automized olive harvesting. In this episode, we look at what this story uncovers about modern agriculture and talk to three experts about uncertainty and the precautionary principle in terms of EU environmental law while offering a glimpse of what postcapitalist alternatives to globalized monocultures might look like.
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To Go or Not to Go

It’s morning: we want coffee. It’s just after lunch: we want coffee. We need to work longer: coffee. Just grab a coffee to-go and keep the busy day going. It’s easy, it’s convenient, it boosts our performance and social life. But, does the takeaway drinking culture have wider implications on us, our society and our environment? With this podcast, we will take a break and think about what we are actually holding in our hands.
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