Exploring and revaluing European research infrastructures – a conference report

On the 25th and 26th of May 2023, members from the ISSP group Zinaida Vasilyeva, Oguz Özkan, Carlos Cuevas-Garcia and Sebastian Pfotenhauer attended the Conference on „Revaluing European Research Infrastructures“, hosted at the University of Vienna. The ISPP team presented findings and reflections of studies conducted for the projects „METAFORIS – Making Europe Through and For its Research Infrastructures“, „SCALINGS – Scaling up co-creation: Avenues and Limits for Integrating Society in Science and Innovation“, and „BoostEuroTeQ – Strengthening Institutional Transformations for Responsible Engineering Education in Europe“. The presentations discussed the trajectories of networks of laboratories, scientific instruments and communities, models of working and organizing research, and how they contribute to the European integration project in different ways. They covered infrastructures for laser research, space exploration, open robotics development, and university alliance formation.

The TUM Department of Science, Technology and Society Studies has been investigating the topic of European research infrastructures through different projects since 2018for years. Besides the presentations of ISPP members, Lucas Brunet and Ruth Müller (STP group) presented their research results on ERC reviewers‘ evaluation practices.

European research infrastructures bring Europe into being by means other than treaties and agreements. For example, by enabling knowledge production in long-term collaborations and by jointly developing complex scientific equipment. By exploring them, we can gain fascinating insights into how such a large political entity is continuously (re-)created and stabilized in underexplored ways.

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