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Ou(te)r Space – Schiedel-Exchange on TechnoSociety

29 Januar 2019

Spaceflight activities have been subject to considerable dynamics of change in recent years. Multiple developments are taking place at one: According to Silicon Valley enthusiasts and visionaries, humanity will migrate to planets within our solar system within a few decades. New technologies make orbital launches cheaper and more ecologically viable. Miniaturization and mass production of satellites and satellite components enable the widespread development of global infrastructure and simplifies access to space for smaller private and public actors.

Which opportunities and challenges do arise out of these developments? How do we imagine the future of spaceflight and its applications to look like?

Join this ‚Schiedel-Exchange on TechnoSociety‘ at the ‘Deutsches Museum’ to discuss with our experts and approach the future of spaceflight!

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29 Januar 2019


Deutsches Museum München