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Events – Doctoral Colloquium at MCTS WS 17/18

9 Februar 2018 - 10 Februar 2018


Melina Antonakaki
Audit epistemologies. The entanglement of audit and reproducibility

Cansu Birdal
TechnoFeminism in Speculative Spaces: Co-production of New Industrial & Gender Regimes

Tobias Drewlani
Reconfiguring Future Forms of Work

Mariya Dzhimova
Virtual Reality in the Art World

Benjamin Lipp
Interfacing Robotics and Care. On Governmentality in TechnoSocieties

Santiago Orrego
Urban Studies without the urban and without the city

Indrawan Prabaharyaka
The Politics and Language of Designing Sanitation Infrastructures

David Seibt
(Re-)Producing Bodies. The Reorganization of the Prosthetics Industry through 3D Printing

Carolin Schönewolf
The making-of autonomous driving: The impact of expectation by heterogenous actors on the development of the sociotechnical innovation of autonomous driving

Anton Schröpfer
The Scientific ‚Contribution‘: Operations of Conviction in Contexts of Entrepreneurial Change

Laura Trachte
TechnoNature: On Configurations of Nature and Technology in the Case of Food

Klara-Aylin Wenten
„Now, with the tools available, anyone can change the world“ An enquiry into the Maker Movement and its practices


9 Februar 2018
10 Februar 2018
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