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Invited Talk Lisa Lehner

21 Januar 2019

On January 21, 2019, Lisa Lehner (PhD candidate at the Department of Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University) will give a talk on “Senses of Security: Probing the Logics and Effects of Hepatitis C’s ‘Regime of Cure’”, invited by the Engineering Responsibility Lab “Security Infrastructures”.

In her talk, Lisa Lehner will focus on the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) epidemic and show how the virus entered public consciousness the moment it could be cured with direct-acting antivirals. She will reflect on how a “regime of cure” has calcified, becoming ever more secure, certain and indisputable. Lisa Lehner will engage with examples of this shift in epidemic care and ask: What kind(s) of security are we talking about? How are security and certainty produced and maintained? Who is made to feel (in)secure?

Employing specific examples from the pharmaco-scientific framing of direct-acting antivirals, large-scale HCV testing drives and federal public health initiatives, she will sketch key underpinnings of HCV’s regime of cure: a fixed bio-exclusive interpretation of viral infection, a logic of care oriented at numbers and quantitative impact, and the production of particular risky subjects.

Organization: Sarah Schönbauer, Professorship of Science and Technology Policy


21 Januar 2019