Teambuilding Weekend for New MCTS Master’s Students

Keeping up the tradition, new MCTS master’s students came together for the annual teambuilding event from 01 to 03 November 2019. This year, a diverse group of 33 students from 15 countries spent the weekend in Lindenberg in the Allgäu region, where they participated in various teambuilding activities as well as excursions to the German Hat Museum in Lindenberg and the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. Students from the master’s programs “Science and Technology Studies” (M.A. STS) and “Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology” (M.A. RESET) formed teams to discuss issues like the mutual influence of technology and society in hat production or similarities and differences between the introduction of zeppelins and drones. The grand finale of the weekend was a teambuilding challenge which involved students presenting topics like gene editing or environmental engineering in a non-academic format, e.g. as a theatre or music presentation. This did not only make for a very entertaining evening but also showed how the intercultural and interdisciplinary spirit and the group‘s bond had developed over the course of the weekend.

Gruppe Studierender

photos by MCTS

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