Students’ assignments do not get dusty, they get published

As part of their master’s programs, students at the MCTS write texts about practical topics or for a broader audience. For example, they draft a column or produce a podcast. However, so far, these contents were not published. This will change with the newly launched blog ‘MCTS Student Voices’. “We thought that we could simply publish all that on our own now”, say Carol Grzych and Sophia Knopf. They coordinate the students’ initiative together with five other MCTS students of different cohorts. The blog was launched on November 19, 2019, already containing five podcasts, three articles, and one interview. Before publication, all content goes through an elaborate revision process by the Student Voices team.

Students who are interested in contributing, either as a team member or author of an article, can get in touch via The Student Voices team is happy to welcome new faces and new stories!

The student voices team

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