Secure Agile Software Development. Practices, Processes, Artefacts

The project empirically investigates practices and processes of agile software engineering in small, medium-sized and large teams. It specifically looks at opportunities and limits of the integration of formal and standardizes IT security requirements and develops recommendations and artefacts for the organization and governance of agile software engineering projects.

Jan-Hendrik Passoth
Phone: +49 (0) 89 289-29205
Arcisstraße 42, 80333 Munich
Room: 2903

Project leader(s):
PD Daniel Méndez, PD Dr. Jan-Hendrik Passoth, Dr. Kristian Beckers (Siemens)

Since August 2018

Project type:
["Drittmittelprojekt \/ Third-party funded Project"]

Funding institution:
Siemens AG