Responsible Innovation in Transnational Governance Settings

Concepts and instruments geared towards responsibility in science, technology and innovation are increasingly being picked up by governments and organizations around the world (e.g. Responsible Research and Innovation, Open Innovation, Inclusive Innovation). Transnational policy organizations such as the EU and the OECD are key drivers of the circulation of these frameworks and practices, and of efforts to mainstream and scale-up local experiences and situated trajectories of dealing responsibly with science, technology and innovation. This project aims to understand the tensions, potentials and limits of generalizing responsible innovation frameworks and practices across heterogeneous national and political cultures and diverse techno-economic domains through a case study of the OECD. In particular, the project investigates the development of international guidelines for responsible innovation in neuroscience and neurotechnology.

Project leader(s):
Nina Frahm


Project type:
["Promotionsprojekt \/ PhD Project"]