Interfacing RobotCare. On the Politics of TechnoSociety

The project investigates the emergence and interconnection of robotics and elderly care within the context of European innovation politics. In doing so, it does not presume the (in)compatibility between both sides. Rather it declares the material and discursive conditions, under which they become (in)compatible its primary research object. Here, the project proposes an ‘analytics of interfacing’, which focuses on the very practices and processes by which robotics and care are rendered compatible with for one another in the first place.

This will be shown by way of three case studies: European innovation policy discourse, HRI experiments in an R&D project of care robotics, and a project of public procurement of robotic solutions for geriatric assessment.

The aim of the overall project is to show the ubiquity and laboriousness of works of technological interconnecting. ‘Interfacing’ here becomes the central political, technological, social task of TechnoSocieties.

Project leader(s):
Benjamin Lipp

10.2014 – est. 05.2019

Project type: