Institutional Reflexivity in Sociotechnical Networks (DFG)

Moving to Product-Service Systems (PSS) makes it increasingly challenging to coordinate the interaction between an increasingly heterogeneous group of actors. This requires

  1. innovation work, defined as the social praxis of developing innovations. Such innovation work must be
  2. periodically evaluated and refined. Finally,
  3.  in a process of institutional reflexivity, the emerging organizational forms of cycle-management must themselves be monitored and adjusted. Sub-project A11 addresses the third level: How can organizational arrangements themselves be cyclically evaluated and refined?

It aims at identifying appropriate forms of institutional reflexivity and develops a participatory approach to co-design them with relevant stakeholders.

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Project leader(s):
PD Dr. Jan-Hendrik Passoth, Prof. Dr. Sabine Maasen, Tobias Drewlani, Johan Buchholz, Dr. Uli Meyer


Project type:
["Drittmittelprojekt \/ Third-party funded Project"]

Funding institution: