Infrastructuring European Migration and Border Control. The Logistics of Moria Hotspot, Frontex Joint Operation Reporting Application and Frontex Risk Analysis Unit

The PhD-project examines European migration and border control in Greece in terms of infrastructures and logistics. Drawing on MCTS and infrastructures studies it understands infrastructures as material set-ups, which interconnect different places with local practices and personnel via standards, technologies and devices in order to organize trans-local flows of entities. Logistics are understood as the organization, monitoring and optimization of such flows. The project focuses on different modes of interconnection in Greece, which realize European solutions of migration and border control. Relying on a multi-sited ethnography it studies

  • operational arrangements: the Hotspots on the Aegean Islands register undocumented migrants and organize at one place different practices (e.g. of filling out forms, taking fingerprints and entering datasets) and the collaboration of different actors,
  • information systems: Frontex JORA channels reports from different operational sites all across Greece (and beyond) to Frontex headquarters with the aim of providing ‚situational awareness’ (Frontex) and
  • centers of calculation: Frontex Risk Analysis Unit (RAU) coordinates and monitors processes of data gathering and knowledge production.

Project leader(s):
Silvan Pollozek


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