Coding Public Value: Public Service Media and Software for the Common Good

The project Coding Public Value focuses on the development and evaluation of methods for responsible software engineering for the common good and corresponding institutional, political and organizational frameworks for public-service media platforms. How can legal, political and user-oriented requirements of public media be translated into requirements, methods and quality assessment practices for the engineering of software and which institutional, political, and organizational requirements have to be implemented in order to operate public service media platforms on the foundation of such public service-oriented software engineering? The project combines Science & Technology Studies, Media and Communication Research, Legal Studies, and empirical Software Engineering in an interdisciplinary collaboration.

Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal
Phone: +49(89) 289 29 235
Augustenstraße 46, 80333 Munich

Project leader(s):
Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal, PD Dr. Jan-Hendrik Passoth, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniel Mendez, Prof. Dr. Hans-Bernd Brosius, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz

01.01.2020 - 31.03.2023

Project type:
Third-party funded Project

Funding institution: