Agile Project Management and New Customer Requirements

The project investigates how collaboration between companies is changing in the context of digitalization. It deals particularly with new expectations that customers have against companies and the impact these have within those organizations. The specific research interest is the implementation of agile project work. To this end, the following research questions are asked: How are customer requirements changing and what consequences does this change entail? How does this affect organizational practice? The project’s empirical basis encompasses interviews as well as ethnographic studies of projects run in agile mode. The goal is firstly to analyze the changes affecting collaboration between service providers and clients in connection with the digital transformation and secondly to understand which approaches to agile project work exist within the various organizations with an aim to identify the opportunities, areas of tension and challenges that accompany these different approaches. The overall goal is to gain an understanding of the complexity and dynamics involved, in a way that the results obtained can be integrated into the broader research spectrum pertaining to the question of changing organizational boundaries in the course of digitalization.

Project leader(s):
Dr. Uli Meyer, Elena Zelesniack