‘Rule of Law’ driven development and deployment of DLT

At TUM, Akanksha’s PhD research focuses on how the function and role of ‘Rule of Law’ can influence, intervene and guide in setting design goals, choices, and standardizations to configure Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) at different layers, keeping in mind its relation with humans and society and how it would impact the historical and social dimension of Rule of Law ecosystem. She employs a theoretical as well as socio-techno-legal approaches to explore the co-existence of DLT (Lex cryptographia ecosystem) and Rule of Law ecosystem and investigate the possibilities of shaping a harmonious Rule of Law-driven development and deployment of DLT. The idea is not merely to set up legal or ethical boundaries for regulatory purpose but to explore an enabling legal framework within which the DLT can thrive as a public good.

Project leader(s):
Akanksha Bisoyi

Project type:
PhD Project