Wissenschaft, Technologie, Gesellschaft – STS Department Courses for all TUM students

Science ⋈ Technology ⋈ Society (Kontextlehre WTG) stands for the transdisciplinary course program of the STS Department. Kontextlehre WTG at TUM School of Sciences and Technology is able to offer a wide range of seminars and workshops to all students of the TUM.
The assigned modules can be credited as Überfachliche Grundlagen/Qualifikationen (General skills) in almost all TUM study programs, or they can be completed as additional subjects.

How does digitization change science and society? What does responsibility mean with respect to genetic engineering, nanotechnologies or autonomous systems? How can research and innovation be politically regulated? And how can we improve communication between science and the public?

With our program at WTG we are able to offer seminars and workshops to answer these and other interesting and pressingly important questions.

Enhance your studies with insights into the interplay of science, technology and society through the 6 thematic areas the WTG has to offer:

  1. Basic Concepts & Analyses
  2. Media & the Public
  3. Politics & Business
  4. Ethical & Social issues
  5. Arts & Culture
  6. Methods & Approaches

In each of these thematic areas you will find courses that emphasize:

  • Research-oriented basic knowledge
  • Application-oriented practical knowledge
  • Professionally-oriented skills & expertise

Current Program

Our current workshops and seminars can be found here: https://www.sot.tum.de/wtg/startseite/



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