The Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) offers two Master’s programs in the interdisciplinary research field of Science and Technology Studies. The program “Science and Technology Studies” offers a research-oriented graduate education primarily designed to orient students towards an academic research career in STS. The program “Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology” is more practice-oriented, preparing students for careers in diverse professional fields in addition to academia. M.A. RESET focuses on questions of responsible research and innovation, whereas M.A. STS offers more general training in STS methods, theories, and topics.

If you need information about how to convert your foreign grades into the German grading system, please visit this website. You can use the calculation form to convert your grades. Please note, however, that the outcome only serves as orientation and is not legally binding.

If you are an international student and need further orientation concerning financial support for your studies, finding accommodation or taking language courses, the International Center will be glad to provide you with the necessary information.

There aren’t any special fees for the STS / RESET Master’s program. You will have to pay the basic semester ticket and student union fees which are due every term before students are permitted to enroll or re-enroll. Check out the details here.

Are you looking for a suitable scholarship? Find out more about “TUM Scholarships”.

Anyone considering university study in Germany has a lot to think about: How can I finance my study and stay? How good must my German language skills be? Where do I apply? How do I get to know other students – and what kind of services does TUM offer for international students? Here we have compiled the most important things you need to know.

TUM advisory services offer a broad range of information regarding your studies at TUMhousing, and financing as well as support for students with families and students with a handicapTUMinternational (TUMi) offers guidance and advisory services for international students.

If you would like to participate in the ERASMUS+ program, you have two options:

  1. You can apply for partner universities via the TUM School of Governance. Note that you will apply alongside other students of the TUM School of Governance.
  2.  It is also possible to apply for partner universities of the STS M.A. program, which are the University of Twente and the Technical University of Istanbul. These places will be given exclusively to STS students.

Of course you can apply for partner universities of the STS program and the TUM School of Governance simultaneously.

You can log in here: https://wiki.tum.de/display/mcts/MA+Info+Center
The M.A. Info Center provides information on a wide range of study-related topics as well as forms you can download.

Click here for the STS Examination Regulations (please click on the link and scroll down to “Science and Technology Studies”), and here for the General Examination Regulations.

The main assessment methods in the STS M.A. program are presentations and research papers. Presentations are held during the lecture period. The official deadline for research papers is March 15th in the winter semester and September 15th in the summer semester.

Should you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us at sts@mcts.tum.de

Foto: Astrid Eckert (TUM)