Prof. Ku-Yen Lin Ph.D.

Visiting researcher

Law, Science and Technology

Ku-Yen Lin is a visiting researcher and conducting her research project  “Meeting of statutory health insurance and social long-term care insurance in Germany (Code of Social Law, Book V and Book XI)” at the Munich Center for Technology in Society of the Technical University of Munich(TUM). She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social Science of National Open University in Taiwan, member of Housing Dispute Review Committee in the Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government, member of Law and Policy Committee in the Taiwan Long-term Care Professional Association, and member of the board of directors in the Taiwan Society of Social Law and Social Policy. Lin has a Master in Law and a Ph.D in Social Welfare in Taiwan as well as a Ph.D degree in Law at Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany.

Previously, Ku-Yen Lin was a director at the Department of Social Science in National Open University, member of Administrative Appeal Review Committee, member of Medical- and Welfare policy Committee in the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and member of Labor Insurance Dispute Review Committee in the Ministry of Labor.