Desantila Hysa Ph.D.

Postdoc Researcher

Law, Science and Technology

Desantila Hysa is a research associate at the Professorship for Law, Science, and Technology. She is involved in two ongoing research projects. Within the context of the REMODE project, she will coach a team to design a platform for responsible content moderation on social media by implementing design thinking methods and tools. Simultaneously, she is engaged in collaboratively facilitating the participatory design and prototyping processes within the scope of the RechTech project. Through a co-creative approach, the project aims to introduce and foresee legal aspects since the early stages of technology design.

Desantila received her Ph.D. degree from Istanbul Technical University by completing her dissertation entitled: “Aptitudes and Attitudes: Human-centred Pedagogies in Foundational Design Studios.” The research is a longitudinal study on the topic of ethical attitudes instilled by the recent computational approaches to design and design education. Desantila Hysa holds a Bachelor’s (2007) and a Master’s (2010) degree from METU-Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkiye. She is an architect by training and has an academic experience of twelve years at Epoka University, Tirana/Albania, engaged as a lecturer of Design Thinking/Methods and design instructor at the Basic Design Studio.