M.A. Daan Herpers

former Researcher

Law, Science and Technology

In 2019 Daan Herpers moved from Delft to Munich to join the Master program “Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology” at the Department for STS. This program and his undergraduate degree in “Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management” at the TU Delft, have shaped his view on the political, legal and ethical challenges of technological change. The way machine learning and Artificial Intelligence shape society by being both a solution and a problem in debates regarding privacy, democratization and integrating fairness in decision-making, fascinates him. In 2022, he finished his Master’s thesis ‘On meaningful transparency and explanations of news recommender systems’ which concluded the Master program. He now works as a research associate at the professorship.

Herpers, Daan (2022): Digital Services Act: Regulatory Implications for Big & Small Tech. TUM Think Tank of the Technischen Universität München. Munich, 07.12.2022.